Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yes, More Sketchbooks

Yesterday I stopped by Bluebird to pick up my payment from some of my books that have already sold and I took these new books to put out for sale. I have been surprised and overjoyed to find out that people are willing to give me money for these things.
And here is a little peek inside the books I make for my own personal use. I hope this might inspire or give ideas to those of you who maybe don’t sketch or don't consider yourselves artists.

 Below are some of my favorite covers. I hope anyone who has bought one of my books will feel free to customize and make it your own. And I would love to see the awesome stuff you put in it too, so email me photos or links, leave comments, or tweets, or send carrier pigeons, and whatever else you can think of



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  1. How lovely! I enjoy all the collage elements you use inside your own books, plus those patterns