Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Show Updates

I found out that two prints that I had submitted for a letterpress show in Alabama were accepted for the show. This is the first juried show I have entered and it’s kind of like my first real art show since so far I’ve only been in a couple of student shows, and even those were a long time ago. The .918 Letterpress Ephemera Show is now on view at Samford Art Gallery in Birmingham. The opening reception was last Friday, but the show will be up through November 29. Click here for gallery info and hours

 .918 is a reference to the exact height (in inches) a piece of type must be in order to print correctly, this is called type high. I’m somewhat ashamed that I didn’t know that already, I’ve used the term “type high” plenty of times and always thought it was about an inch. 
My professor/boss/letterpress mentor also had 3 of his prints in the show and he received an honorable mention for one of them. The people at Samford sent this letterpress show poster (left) to everyone who had work accepted for display.

You can see all the work in the catalog here

A few weeks ago I spent all of a Friday in the design studio photographing prints for another letterpress show, which I helped organize and name, Printeraction. Last week the prints made it to Australia where the show will be set up. Hopefully once it is done in Australia and our prints come back, we can send the show to other places, or maybe even have a show here, too. I have four prints in the show and many of the other prints were made by my friends and classmates as the show is made up of student work from the past few years.

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