Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's Catch Up: Christmas Cards and Workspace

Lately it's been tough to find even 10 minutes of free time. We’ve all been busy designing fake re-brands of businesses, fake iPad apps, fake postage stamps, and fake websites. Since I just finished the fake stamps last week and now my second fake website, I have almost a whole hour free and thought I would take a moment to update you guys on what’s going on at the art house press. And when I say you guys I mean you, one of probably two people (at most) who have ever visited this blog.

A few weeks back, I finally printed that linocut illustration for the second Christmas card design. I also finished up details on the prints from the first design. So far I have a total of 58 Christmas cards printed and still have the trays set up to print more if needed.

New organization projects are also happening in our letterpress studio. We had to give up some storage space and now have several half cases of type (like the ones below) that need to be combined into the proper California job cases, as well as a bunch of spacing that needs sorting. Stay tuned for letterpress art show updates!

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